Check out this list of key factors before buying dedicated server hosting. Draw conclusions on performance, value, security, support, uptime, and customer satisfaction. But rejecting any one of them is likely to lead to bitter disappointment. Check out our best guide for how you can Buy Dedicated Server that matches your specific business needs

Before Buying Dedicated Server Hosting

There is likely a laundry list available in the online market. There are thousands of things you need to check before buying a dedicated server – but what are the main ones. Some things are either part of a larger picture item, or they are not nearly as important as the absolute essentials.


We recommend ethical factual things and suggest you get our services because we provide exclusive high-performance things which are more beneficial for your growing business. With Onlive Servers everyone gets an unmanaged dedicated server at the cheapest rate. If you don’t care about performance routines, security threats, uptime effectiveness, tech support, and many other things. We wouldn’t recommend it – but we will recommend it to you for the best things to do for your company’s top performance in the online space.


In the server hosting world, most people demand a positive level of features, because if their site is down, slow or other matters, it charges businesses money – sometimes a lot of money. Occasionally lots of money. Once your website pays the bills as you should know very well, secure from hackers, 99.9% uptime, and enjoy 24×7 support.
Buying dedicated server hosting means paying the real price for select first-class services. At Onlive Server, this naturally means a lower amount per month depending on the hardware/network provisions.


The display options are pretty straightforward. But some hosts use cheaper or older hardware, which may initially seem like great specifications. But end up being slower and more prone to failures that introduce downtime. The same is the case with networking. Premium Backbone networking, with many redundant routes, is a big difference between hosting providers.
Remember, sometimes low-price offers don’t include hardware upgrades, free control panel options, backup systems, optimizations, or configurations, which can undoubtedly take a price off the initial offer price. Certainly, budget hosting companies do not give you any chance to pick up premium hardware or networking.


Personally, falling victim to cross-site scripting vulnerabilities (hacking my site because a different site was hacked on a server first, and then it enabled my site to be easily attacked.
It’s one thing to know how to install server software, select options like time zone. Knowing how to configure the server’s underlying operating system and then how to securely configure all instances of sites running on the server is an entirely different matter. With many budgets hosting companies, it’s one or two people working out of their basement office, using hardware from other companies, in a never-before-seen in-house datacentre. A quality, reliable provider has teams of software engineers who spend their entire day installing, testing, and evaluating various configuration options to safely achieve the best performance.

Fully Managed Administration & Support

Sometimes things just aren’t perfect, some issues that need to resolve. In those cases, you should not clear for anything less than 24x7x365 technical support. Don’t settle for anything longer than the initial response time of 10 minutes. You should not deal with many people just because one department is not skilled enough to handle your problem. You shouldn’t be charged because something went wrong.
Technical support is important. Quality technical support is what separates the cheap companies from the good ones. As a business owner, or marketing/design agency, you need to focus your time on acquiring new customers, serving existing customers. And providing good service to those who need it. You should not try to use Linux error codes, PHP resource errors, or defragment the database in the hope of fixing a technical issue.

In Conclusions

If you want to Buy Dedicated Servers, lease them, rent them or add more to your existing stock. Make sure you meet your need to save money by choosing quality managed dedicated server hosting. We also provide the Best Cloud VPS at the most affordable price with high-yield features.