Netherlands dedicated server apportioned in another nation is an extra ensure of security and information uprightness. All around administration and support, with no hold-ups or diversions from what you are searching for. We can set up your machine. On our hardware or work together with you to set up the machine on your own machines inside. Our data center environment.

A Netherlands Dedicated Server is a server that has its own physical device, located at an Onlive Datacenter. Since each dedicated server has its own physical machine located at our data center in. Amsterdam it provides additional safety and control when compared to shared hosting.

Benefits OF Netherlands Dedicated Server

There are numerous reasons to choose a webhosting Netherland hosting. some of them are:1) Security. If you choose. Netherlands dedicated server hosting. But when your data center is located on another country. Then it becomes harder for other sources to launch a successful attack on your server. So, if you want a 100% secure hosting environment so go for Netherlands dedicated server .2) Proximity. Another benefit of choosing. Netherlands Dedicated Server is that if your website attracts European traffic so you will not have any latency issue with European countries. But if your site hosted at USA then there will be high chances of latency issue with Europe, UK or Australia etc…3) Traffic handling ability.

Our DDoS Protected Locations

Onlive server rental provides 5 Dutch Data Centers. Our locations include: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven. Each location has an individual DDoS counter-measure system. We can guarantee. That your servers will always have a steady stream of information due to these protected servers we use. In addition, no single target would be sufficient enough to take out each of .Our five Netherlands data center locations – making it almost impossible for any kind of DDoS attack.

Advantages of Netherlands Dedicated Server

Often times you might need to bring data from 1 country to another. And that’s where Cheap Netherlands Dedicated Server comes in handy. Using a devoted server with offices and datacenters located all over. Europe allows your company or business to seamlessly access information stored on these servers. So even if there is an outage or if your primary electric provider fails. Your information will still be readily available to you. Furthermore, every one of our servers runs with its own isolated network. This minimizes any danger of system infiltration or breach. Many companies run their dedicated services. Through our bandwidth which guarantees high availability along with well-designed infrastructure that helps boost speed while ensuring faultless delivery.

How can I Recover Access Data to the Dedicated Server?

There are many reasons why you may need to regain access data to your dedicated server. To maintain server security and protect your resources and applications hosted on it. There are few ways to recover access data: backup (server), live support or self-recovery process. You can find more detailed information about these three methods below. You can also get instant technical support 24/7 via. Onlive Server Live Chat or ticket system if you have any problems with recovering access data to your dedicated server.

Setup Guide For cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel

cPanel web hosting is a server control panel that enables one to set up and manage their web hosting company. When you have cPanel access on your dedicated server or VPS hosting service. You can perform different tasks like make any changes to your domain name’s DNS records, to manage e-mail addresses and user accounts etc. Our system takes just a few minutes to install cPanel for you with full root access after ordering our servers. So, if you are looking for easy installation of website hosting software then it would be wise decision. Just ask our sales rep while placing an order at least 24 hours before. So they can plan it out properly.