What is Turkey VPS Hosting

A Turkey VPS is just like any other virtual private server, or as they are called in some regions, cloud hosting. However, instead of having multiple users spread across multiple servers in multiple geographic regions, all users share access to a single physical server. Turkey VPS This allows you to benefit from improved performance and faster load times because there’s less distance between your visitors and your hosting company’s data center. The tradeoff is that your website isn’t automatically mirrored on separate servers in case of a hardware failure. Also known as hot-swappable servers, they allow you to plug and play within seconds with any issues needing to be addressed immediately.

A turkey VPS also comes with much higher availability than even dedicated hosting due to increased redundancy for storage redundancy. While traditional web hosts may have hundreds of customers hosted per physical box, shared hosting can be as low as 100 customers per box while some ultra-dedicated solutions offer up to 1,000 customers per server. For businesses seeking complete customizability over their infrastructure while avoiding hefty upfront investments, shared servers are an excellent compromise. They provide more flexibility than collocation but cost far less than getting your own physical server set up at a data center and maintaining yourself.

Turkey VPS Hosting from Onlive Server

At Onlive Server, we offer affordable and fully managed turkey VPS hosting solutions. Our mission is to provide value-oriented virtual private server hosting solutions with strong technical support. We can help you select and configure your turkey VPS server in no time so that you have peace of mind as soon as your transfer is complete. With our custom VPS web host control panel, you are able to monitor your server stats and make any adjustments without needing to contact us each time.

This will save you both time and money when it comes to managing your turkey web hosting solution. You also get a free Cpanel license for our Onlive Server support plan. This is just one example of what quality content looks like in one specific niche. I would say at least 70% of customers/clients visit your website through search engines because they are looking for something specific whether for a product or service-related questions. Building high-quality link exchanges and guest blogging backlinks from authoritative sites within relevant niches directly affects you getting closer to the top 10 organic search rankings & your website’s SEO efforts increasing traffic from search engines overall. Get More Traffic Using High-Quality Content Writing Services.

Why Choose Our Turkey VPS Hosting Servers?

Our virtual private servers are built with Dell hardware, which enables us to offer 99.99% network uptime for all of our clients in Turkey. We also offer custom software installs, which means you can have your server set up however you’d like it! Not only do we provide customer service in multiple languages, but we also give you unlimited IP addresses and traffic as part of our one-stop solution. With several data centers across Europe, our primary location is based out of Istanbul. If you need to be dedicated to Cheap Reseller Hosting consider using our Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Because we own our entire data center, infrastructure, hardware, and operations teams; everything is handled in-house we don’t need to rely on any third parties or other providers.

This translates into greater transparency when compared to shared hosting providers or self-managed services. All billing happens through Invoices so there are no hidden costs our estimates include everything You can purchase either OpenVZ VPS instances KVM instances depending on your specific needs. The pricing below includes VAT and free migration from one instance type to another.

Do you have fully managed Turkey VPS Hosting?

A Turkey VPS is ideal for non-critical web hosting and email use. You can even set up an experimental new website with one of our Turbo Server Plans, which deliver lightning-fast performance but at an economical price. Low-cost options are also available if you’re looking to host a series of small websites or build your own portfolio site. For example, you could split off a section of content from your main site and create a subdomain or pages in order to test different layouts or design ideas. Our Online Control Panel makes it easy to do all of that  just hit Create New Website on any service plan. The panel allows you to choose as many domains as you want and create multiple sites under each one. Each comes with full FTP access so it’s simple to upload files too.