Onlive Server makes sure to give the best Greece Dedicated Server Hosting plans within your budget, making it a great hosting option for hosting multiple websites. Every businessman wants his business website to get a high amount of traffic with secure and powerful hosting plans. Onlive Server offers Windows and Linux-based dedicated hosting plans with burstable memory and dedicated bandwidth, CPU, disk space, and RAM. Basically, we have a huge amount of hosting plans at affordable prices. It removes any limitations and gives you complete flexibility.

Greece Dedicated Server

Your websites run effectively and perform all complex tasks with ease and faster network connection. There are a variety of pre-defined hosting plans here as well as you can create your own custom plans. A Dedicated Server Greece comes with high configuration and unlimited bandwidth. You can use servers to store big data, website hosting and application hosting, backups, and even online gaming servers as well as Minecraft servers. All plans come with 24/7 support and 100% uptime SLA, which we have firmly delivered.

Built for Next-Level Performance

Here one can create custom plans as per the requirements along with a wide choice of pre-defined packages. There are two elementary OS, Linux, and Windows, available to choose from for your VPS. In addition, all versions of Linux, and Windows OS are available. Linux users can connect to their VPS via SSH and Windows users can connect via Remote Desktop. Our high-performance cloud KVM VPS hosting is the perfect hosting solution for users in Greece. Our cheap Greece dedicated server hosting is efficiently combined with an easy-to-use web hosting control panel and website panel. We have a wide range of security features, such as DDoS protection, SSL, SLA, etc.

Dedicated Servers in Greece with These Features

Managed Dedicated Servers: Onlive Server offers fully managed dedicated servers with low latency features and instant activation, no setup charges, fully managed servers with fully DDoS-protected plans, KVH virtualization, long stability, and CMS Provides 100% customer satisfaction with proper installation. Various platforms like Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Microsoft ASP.NET, Software like services, and many more. CMS for PHP platforms to name a few are – WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Best security guaranteed: Security is an important factor for every website and application. We secure your server and data information with a free SSL certificate. It offers DDOS protection and managed firewall is also available to ensure the security of your website.

No.1 Technical Support: Onlive Server is considered one of the best technical support in the hosting industry. Our ticket resolution time is one of the best for just one click or one call. If you want to buy our dedicated server then visit our website. It also checks all the plans related to dedicated hosting for various countries. Link with our expert if you have any queries related to our hosting plans.

Greece Dedicated Server Hosting Overview

Are you looking for a budget-friendly dedicated server hosting solution to host your business project in the Greece location? Onlive Server provides a high-performance Cheap Dedicated Server Greece is based on KVM virtualization technology for Greece around the world. The level of flexibility and security comes with all the dedicated plans. It can easily host different websites with great control. Our dedicated servers are an ideal hosting solution for those who have a limited budget and want a secure and stable hosting server. This is a huge opportunity for all dedicated users.

Here Onlive Server brings you the best and cheapest dedicated server hosting packages with unlimited features. From the security point of view, our dedicated one is suitable as it comes with a firewall network, which keeps your network data secure. We ensure to secure and manage the installation of critical data protection updates and patches and it also allows the easy addition of new software or applications. All servers are supported by cPanel or WHM or Plesk control panels and can use many other control panels.