Onlive Server promises high-performance servers without compromise. With so many web hosting companies offering cloud VPS hosting, how do you know which one to choose? Onlive Server provides all the high-end features of cloud hosting at an affordable price point and offers excellent customer service. Making it ideal if you’re just starting out with your own website or are upgrading from shared hosting to VPS servers, but don’t want to break the bank. With the help of some key features and benefits that. Onlive Server provides, you can be sure you’re getting exceptional service at a great price. Our Cloud VPS lets you scale seamlessly, enabling you to increase your system capacity quickly and adapt it to changing needs.

What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS hosting is essentially like shared hosting, except that it utilizes virtualization to enable a single physical. Server to host multiple isolated instances of a given operating system. Each of which can have its own private virtual space. These individual operating systems are hosted in their own processor and memory partitions but share common storage volumes. This configuration allows for more efficient use of resources than with dedicated server hosting. However, some downsides include slower loading times due to using a remote connection over a dedicated one and not being able to customize your instance as much as you could with full control over an entire server. Depending on your needs and preferences, though, cloud VPS hosting might be just what you’re looking for.

Our VPS servers are built by professional engineers to be designed with high efficiency, and they will take time to test every detail after being built, so you can use them reliably. We also do not oversell our servers: our capacity is limited, but we are able to deliver excellent performance for everyone. If you want one of our servers, please feel free to contact us for a quote now. The Onlive Server is a cloud VPS that provides you with the resources you need to develop and manage your websites, apps, and other IT services.

With an Onlive Server, you can load test your site, run multiple instances of an app or website, and even host a variety of applications on one cloud VPS. Onlive Server is a powerful virtualization platform that enables businesses to deploy their applications in the cloud regardless of where their personnel or customers are. It allows them to quickly and easily create a custom hosted environment for any application, enabling them to quickly scale up or down in response to demand, and pay only for the resources they use.

Why Choose Cloud VPS?

As a hosting solution, cloud servers are similar to managed dedicated servers. The main difference is that you don’t actually purchase or own a server. Instead, your web host leases or rents space on a remote server. That they operate in a data center somewhere and often times several somewheres. Your own private virtual server gives you much of what dedicated hosting. Offers, but with some key advantages: flexibility and scalability. Because it’s only you and your website using a virtual machine. There are no worries about crashing other users’ sites or competing for resources. The best thing about. Onlive Server is that you only pay for what you use so there are no upfront costs. How Do We Deliver?

Low-Cost Cloud VPS Hosting?

Our mission is to provide secure, stable, and reliable cloud VPS Hosting solutions. We provide full control over dedicated servers that you rent from us with our cloud VPS hosting services. From installing a single operating system, right through to deploying. Complex multiple tenant applications and managing it all on your behalf, we’ve got you covered! You have access to your server’s console 24/7, so it’s possible for you to make modifications whenever necessary. If a hardware failure occurs, we’ll take care of your server until everything is back up and running smoothly. We offer cheap Windows VPS Hosting, Linux Shared Hosting, Cloud VPS, Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting services for only $9/month. The Onlive Server monitoring system will keep an eye on everything for you too. That way we can notify you of any issues as soon as they happen.


According to experts, a cloud-based virtual private server can be an effective and cost-efficient solution for small businesses or startups with little capital but with big ideas. Our low-cost cloud VPS hosting solutions provide you with. Robust enterprise-level features and performance are comparable to those provided by larger providers. With Onlive Server, your organization will get its own dedicated virtual machine on our highly reliable network of servers. The Onlive Server support team is available 24/7/365 to assist you. With any requests, you may have in regards to managing or updating your server, as well as migrating it from one location to another. For more information about our competitively priced cloud VPS hosting services contact us today.